I work with OPI as my salon brand.

OPI is a leading brand in the professional nail care industry and known for their high quality products and services, fashionable colours and iconic names. 

OPI Lacquers and Gelcolors offer a long lasting, luxury manicure. All of these treatments listed are made with OPI products.

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Manicure         50chf     45min

- Dry manicure, shape, cuticles and polish

Gelcolour Manicure          70chf     60min

-Semi Permanent gelpolish applied on the natural nail. Including removal of the old gelpolish if necessary

Removal Gelcolour           25chf     30min

-Removal only of the semi permanent gelpolish

Gel Nails           85chf    105min

-New set of Gel Nails to reinforce the natural nails. With a colour, natural or French finish

Gel Nails With extensions   105chf    120min

-Enhancement of the natural nail by adding extra length with tips. With a colour, natural or French finish

Infill For Gel Nails       85chf    105min     

-Back fill for gel that has been growing out. With the option of a new colour or renew the French finish

Pedicure                 75chf     60min

-Cosmetic pedicure with the option of a polish or gelcolour finish