Eyelash Extensions 

JB Eyelash Extensions are specially developed for fuller and more beautiful looking lashes.

With a special glue they are connected to your own eyelash, lash for lash. This glue is flexible and soft and does not damage the natural eyelash. The lashes are completely safe for skin, eyes and contact lenses. They are super light to wear, you will hardly feel them on.

The extensions can create a beautiful natural look or go extra volume and create a glamorous look. If looked after well they can last up to 2 months depending on the life of the eyelash. Although it is recommended to have follow up treatments approximately every 2-3 weeks to keep them beautiful.


New set natural.            125chf   120min

New set dramatic.         150chf   120min

Refill after 2 weeks             75chf    60min

Refill after 3 weeks              90chf   80min