Eyelash Extensions 

I work with two brands for the eyelash extensions.

The actual Lashes are mink synthetic and are from the brand Fluffy Lashes. It says it in the name, these lashes have a wonderful fluffy effect. Whether you want to go all in with volume or keep a natural look. Fluffy lashes are a pleasure to work with and create the perfect look.

The tools I work with to create this beautiful look is from Lash Perfect. From all the prep to the after care. Again a lovely brand, keeping it as gentle on your skin and lashes as possible.

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New set             150chf    120min

Refill after 3 weeks             75chf    60min

Refill after 4 weeks             90chf    80min

Please book for a new set after 5 weeks or more. So I have plenty of time to create the perfect lash look for you.